Flood Fencing

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Flood Risk Stock Fencing
Design and manufactured to collapse, this fencing system folds down and prevents flood damage due to water and debris build up.
The design and idea has been developed and perfected over a couple of years.
The product has already been installed on farms saving farmers thousands of pounds by doing away with the constant need to repair or replace damaged fences after flooding. 
Low lying ground next to rivers and streams are at risk of flooding at some point. All fences in these areas are liable to be either damaged due to debris build-up and water pressure or washed away completely and deposited downstream causing an environmental hazard and other problems for aquatic life, mammals and recreational activities. Our fence addresses this problem by being able to fold down to allow the flood water to flow over the fence as the level rises. 
The components are constructed of heavy duty, galvanised steel. There is an upright placed every 10m. Then there is treated larch droppers with spikes, on the bottom every 3m. The stock net or high tensile plain wires are tensioned at either end onto an H frame with the top wire is insulated, so that it can be electrified if needed.
The spring loaded uprights are anchored deep into the ground so forming a stable section. They have a locking pin to keep the post upright and to prevent it being pushed over if there is stock on either side of the fence.
When a flood is imminent, the fence can be folded down in minutes, very easily, to allow the rising water and floating debris to freely flow downstream.
The System needs straining post at either end of the stretch, reducing the obstacles in the flood water's path.
 We have also looked into it being used on estates that offer shooting and hunting as this will provide easier access to the surrounding fields without damage to fences.  
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Springback Fencing System has Patent Pending and all rights are property of Springback Fencing System Ltd.