Field Fencing

AFI VerySmall

No paddock too small no farm too big.

Rapid, compact, lightweight machinery with a tractor size punch.

Fences Ltd are constantly investing in new machinery and plant to become more efficient and provide a better service for our clients. This year we have taken ownership of a new Protech tracked post driver to deliver greater speed, flexibility, fence in smaller access areas, reduce possible damage in wet conditions on both crops and grassland whilst still offering the power of tractor type post driver.
The new machine is towed by a 4X4 to site also offering our clients greater time on site. This equates to more meters achieved a day, so reducing the cost to clients without effecting the quality or look of the fence.
As Fences Ltd is now the most complete fencing contractor service in the Sussex area offering all forms of field fencing from wood, Plastic, we are the approved contractors for Duralock PVCu fencing, and also metal in the form of estate and the new Clipex stock and deer fencing.
So delivering the complete fencing solution to our clients.
People think anyone can fence, which is true. Like all skills to do the job well you need training, expertise and experience for the fence to survive and look ascetically pleasing. Also you need to have pride in your work.
All materials and staff at Fences Ltd have such training or are mentored by staff that do.
We can build a fence to any budget but prefer to build a fence that will last and look great.

Pick the required style of fencing as outlined in the left hand navigation bar to find a live  calculator that outlines of expected costs and materials used from the information that you supply. For accurate estimates on your project call Pete or one of the Fences Ltd Team on 01444 401043