Horse netting with Box Ends and Box corners          
Number of corners excluding start & end strainers Corners      
Number of meters of fence required Meters Clear Run   
Number of Gateways, Jumps or gaps        
Fencing Posts all machined round 15 year Life Expectancy Quantity Unit Price Net Price Vat Total
Netting  XHT 13-120-8, 50 meter rolls
Post 4inch or 100mm machined rounds 7ft or 2.1m
Strainers for Box Ends 6inch or 150mm 8ft or 2.4m
Corner Strainers Box End 6inch or150mm 8ft or 2.4m
Extra Box Ends at gateways Jumps Etc
Intermediate Box ends at 100m 6inch or150mm 8ft or 2.4m
Struts 3 inch or 75mm machined rounds 8ft or 2.4m
Plain Wire Galvanise 3.15mm one strand
Sub Total Materials    
Post Driver
Labour in total man days
Cost/Meter Net of Vat  
Cost/Meter Inc Vat