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What would you want from an organisation that represents all Fencing Contractors?  
Survey for Facebook UK Fencing members  
Sets standards and recommended specification for all fencing?
Uses those Standards to champion education, apprenticeships and HSE?
Helps members with Legal, HSE, Promotion, Regulations, Quality and Insurance?
 Promotion to consumers and industry users of fencing services?
To set and regulate the standards for the supply and quality of fencing products within the industry?
Would you want testing and certification on quality of work, legal responsibilities, environmental responsibilities, financial competence and long term commitment to continued improvement in all aspects of fencing?
Have your work covered by an assurance/insurance scheme irrespective of your companies survival in the industry but to add to your competitive edge as long as to standards and assured products?
Total traceability from Forrest to Fence openly available to you?
Set recognised qualification, available through colleges on all aspects of the fencing industry.
What sector of the industry do you work for
Should it cover all types of fencing and gates?
What would you pay for membership per year?
Would you be open to quality auditing of works?
As long as done without further paperwork, identification of supply trail on each job?
What industry sector would you want fencing contracting to come under?
How would you want the organisation financed or voluntary positions?
Would you abide by all recommended specifications even if not your usual practice?
Would it just be open to contractors or the whole industry?
Would you accept a point system of meetings/lectures to keep knowledge and standards up to date for members.
Would membership be individual, company based or both?
Anything else needed please add comments below?     
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