Ballast, Cement and Post Fix  Usage    
Number of posts Posts
Size of post
Depth of Hole * see notes
Recommended hole size for post size mm
Size of Hole M³ minus Volume of Post 
Total Volume
Amount of Ballast
Amount of Cement 
Bags of Cement based on 5:1 ratio Bags
Amount of Post Fix Hanson 20kg Bags Bags
Disclaimer and notes:
Depth of Hole are subject to finished post type and height. British Standard BS1722 Part 5
Wooden Palisade or Picket and CloseBoard fencing recomends that for posts up to 1200mm
 height out of the ground a hole of 600mm is sufficient. Over 1200mm to 1800mm 650 to 
700mm should be used as a minimum.
Other Post Fixes are available and the manufacturers label should always be read.
All calculations have a margin of error and we do not accept any responcability for 
information provided, this is meant as a guide.
All interlectual property is the rights of Fences Ltd and any copying, linking,  illegal use,
plagerism and breach of copy right will be taken very seriously.